Recommend a Representative

Could you use an extra $200? $300? $400? $500? How about an extra $1,400? WoodmenLife will pay you cash for referring your friends, family, neighbors and associates for a career as a WoodmenLife representative.

You can get a cash recommender bonus for each person you recommend to WoodmenLife for a career as a representative.

The recommender bonus works on an annual basis.
Here's how:

Recommendation Annual Bonus
1st Person $200
2nd Person $300
3rd Person $400
4th Person $500
4 max. qualified recommendations $1,400 max. annual bonus


How can I qualify for the cash recommender bonus?

To qualify for the cash recommender bonus, the individual you recommend must:

  1. Be approved for a WoodmenLife Advantage Contract;
  2. Complete all training required for Representatives according to WoodmenLife's published rules within one year of his/her WoodmenLife Advantage Contract effective date;
  3. Meet or exceed the WoodmenLife Advantage Contract sales production requirements within one year of his/her WoodmenLife Advantage Contract effective date; and
  4. Successfully complete Sure Start School prior to his/her Business Development Agreement effective date.*

*Alpha WoodmenLife Advantage Contract only. This requirement does not apply to a Delta WoodmenLife Advantage Contract.

$1,400 is the maximum annual bonus you can earn in one calendar year. The cash is a nice bonus, but the greater reward for you will be that you've helped someone get into a career that offers financial, personal and professional rewards.

Recommendation Form

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WoodmenLife is an equal opportunity employer and an equal access fraternal benefit organization.

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