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As a Field Representative with Woodmen of the World, you'll love Mondays again. Here, work isn't something you have to do to pay your bills; it's something you can't believe you get paid for.

Every day, you'll help make life better for families with a variety of insurance and annuity products, and for your community with Woodmen of the World's fraternal program. Along the way, you'll make a great living for yourself.

Hear directly from current Woodmen of the World Field Representatives as you browse through the tabs below.

Income Potential

As a Field Representative with Woodmen of the World, you determine what you earn. As with any career, success takes effort. But in this career, possibly more than any other, you are paid in direct proportion to your efforts.

Below are the average earnings in 2013 for successful Woodmen of the World Representatives: those meeting contract requirements, eligible for benefits and qualifying for our Field Trip.

Average Earnings

These are only averages; with bonuses, incentives and frequent sales challenges, there are opportunities to earn even more. With Woodmen of the World, you'll experience almost unlimited prospecting opportunities and income potential. Come to Woodmen of the World and start working for yourself!

You truly can help yourself by helping others.

* Club/Cabinet-level Field Trip Qualifier
** Super Star/Elite Qualifier

Benefits You Want

Woodmen of the World cares about families, including those of our Field Representatives. That’s why Woodmen of the World Representatives who meet certain qualifications enjoy great benefits such as:

• Health Insurance

• Dental Insurance

• Vision Insurance

• Disability Insurance

• Life Insurance

• 401(k) with service-related contributions

Intangibles You'll Love

Income and benefits are only part of the equation. You’ll also enjoy:

Independence – the ability to work on your own and still enjoy the support and camaraderie of a team

Flexible work schedule – set your own hours and be able to set aside the time for family, friends and relaxation

Being your own boss – control your income, set your goals and get the guidance you want without being micro-managed

Community Involvement – through Woodmen of the World’s fraternal program, you can give back and become recognized as a community leader

Explore the lifestyle that can be yours with a career change to Woodmen of the World.

Rewards and Recognition

Woodmen of the World rewards sales excellence through annual Field Trips to luxurious locations — both domestic and abroad — and recognizes top Representatives with inclusion in our prestigious President’s Club and President’s Cabinet. Past destinations include Ireland, Hawaii, Toronto, San Diego and a Disney Cruise.

Various sales incentives and giveaways are offered throughout the year. At Woodmen of the World, you’ll be rewarded and recognized in front of your peers, for your achievements.

Everything You Need to Succeed

Woodmen of the World helps its Representatives succeed. We offer education and training to help you expand your knowledge and improve your sales techniques.

Sure Start
Early in your career, after you’ve gotten your feet wet, you’ll have an opportunity to attend an in-depth training course in Omaha, NE, where you can meet with other Representatives and receive tips to help you move to the next level of sales success.

Advanced Sales and Market Development
As you progress in your career, you’ll have opportunities to attend seminars and courses offered by Woodmen of the World in advanced concepts that will help open new markets to you.

A Team Around You
You’re never alone at Woodmen of the World. In fact, you have a built-in support system of peers and managers to help point you in the right direction.

Technology at Your Fingertips
Woodmen of the World Representatives have access to customized laptop computers loaded with sales presentations and resources, and also have access to a Field intranet. We’ll keep you connected and informed.

Growth and Development

Woodmen of the World is an organization you can grow with. Individuals who show ability and desire to manage others have the opportunity to move into Special Representative and management positions.


You’ll have the opportunity to learn from and work with seasoned Representatives, gain confidence and lend support to others.

Is this the right career for you?

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I want a career that lets me help others.

I’d rather be paid for my results, not my time.

I’m totally organized.

Recognition motivates me.

I am curious about other people – I want to know their stories.

I want a flexible schedule.

I enjoy getting involved and giving back to my community.

I want to be my own boss.

Listening is one of my strengths.

I thrive in a team atmosphere.

I am good at getting people to open up.

When I want something, I don’t give up until I get it.

I’m competitive and like to win.

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