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As a not-for-profit company governed by its member customers, our chapters are where it all begins. The chapter system gives each member a voice in the governing of the business, and the opportunity to develop leadership skills through officer positions and to improve their communities through service projects.

The WoodmenLife chapter system is a vital part of the thousands of volunteer activities we conduct every year. Each WoodmenLife member belongs to a local chapter. Chapter dues are used to fund the chapters' social, community and patriotic projects as well as other costs involved with running the chapters. Chapter members elect officers to lead the chapter and elect delegates to the Jurisdictional and National Conventions. Delegates at the National Convention are responsible for electing WoodmenLife's Board of Directors.

Simply put, people in our chapters have fun while socializing, volunteering and providing leadership.

Chapter benefits for your community include:

  • Volunteer opportunities — Members interested in philanthropic activities can become part of the chapter's volunteer network by providing hands-on service to help meet the needs of people in the community.
  • U.S. flags and other patriotic projects — WoodmenLife provides U.S. flags to local chapters for presentation to nonprofit civic and youth groups, schools, churches, community centers, and other worthy groups. American Patriot's Handbooks are presented by chapters to new citizens, libraries and schools. American History Awards are presented to junior and senior high school students who excel in the study of American history.
  • Matching-funds community projects — WoodmenLife matches chapter dollars, within certain guidelines, that help members provide community needs and to improve their own meeting halls and camp facilities.
  • WoodmenLife Disaster Relief Assistance — WoodmenLife Disaster Action Teams provide an essential service to their communities. Through a local chapter, members can receive training in disaster relief assistance and can become part of WoodmenLife's nationwide member-network of disaster relief volunteers.
  • Award and recognition for chapter and community service — Chapters present a variety of plaques, awards and pins to recognize and honor members as well as individuals in their communities who have served with distinction.

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