News Release

Woodmen of the World's Falcons Lay First Egg of the Season

March 23, 2012

Omaha, Neb. - A camera focused on the nest on the ledge outside the 28th floor of the Woodmen Tower shows the first egg of the season from Omaha's only pair of nesting Peregrine falcons. The male falcon, Zeus, and his partner, Hera, take turns sitting on the egg.  As one falcon arrives to nest-sit, the other takes flight, in search of food. 

Experience the anticipation of waiting to see how many eggs are laid, the joy of watching chicks hatch and the anxiety of watching them leave the nest for the first time to explore 28 floors atop the Woodmen Tower, LIVE on the FalconCam. Visit our FalconCam page, and become captivated by the lives of Woodmen's Falcons.

In two decades, the Peregrine Falcons, once considered endangered, have successfully adapted to their urban habitat on the 28th floor of Woodmen Tower, and have multiplied well beyond the expectations of local raptor enthusiasts. Woodmen falcon offspring have been spotted as far away as South America and the falcons, who once visited for only a few months at a time, now live atop the Woodmen Tower year-round, although it is difficult to say if that behavior is based on preference or the necessity to guard their hotly-contested hunting ground.  Peregrine Falcons will fight to the death to protect their territory.

Keep a look out for the falcons in downtown Omaha; you can occasionally see them performing their aerial acrobats. Diving at speeds of more than 180 miles per hour, they knock out unsuspecting pigeons. You can often see bits of bird carcasses in the parking lot and on the sidewalks around the building.

To learn more about Woodmen of the World's Peregrine Falcon program visit  Falcon images are also available in the lobby of the Woodmen Tower. 

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