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Latest Audio Podcasts:

Financial Resolutions podcast Financial Resolutions
No matter the time of the year and no matter your income or financial situation - it’s always a good idea to get your finances in order. Join us for a conversation with Mark Schreier, Executive Vice President, Finance and Treasurer at WoodmenLife about the top five things you can focus on, anytime of year, to improve your financial situation.
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What is a Fraternal Benefit Society? podcast What is a Fraternal Benefit Society?
Ever wondered, “What is a Fraternal Benefit Society?” Our interview with Larry King, President & CEO at WoodmenLife will tell you everything you need to know.
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Planning for Change podcast Planning for Change
An unexpected illness or a sudden death can have a devastating effect on a family. You can ease some of the pain and heartache through advance planning and communication. Join us for a discussion about WoodmenLife's FREE Planning for Change booklet. It is a valuable resource for you and your family to organize financial documents. It can help you identify and organize important records to make them easier to locate when you really need them. It can also help you clearly communicate your wishes when you are no longer there to take action yourself.
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Direct and Effective Charitable Giving podcast Direct and Effective Charitable Giving
Join us for a conversation with Bennett Whiner, Chief Operating Officer of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, who shares expert insight on how to make direct and effective charitable donations.
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Retirement Planning - Under 35 Crowd podcast Retirement Planning - Under 35 Crowd
Join us for a conversation with Ken McDonnell, Director of the American Savings Education Council, concerning retirement planning for the under 35 crowd.
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Grandparent Gifting podcast Grandparent Gifting
Grandchildren mean so much. They’re a part of you. You love spending precious time with them, talking with them, walking with them, or just holding them silently in your arms. They are your legacy, your assurance that part of you will live on after you are gone. Being a grandparent is one of life’s grandest gifts. Join us for a conversation about passing along an equally rewarding and lasting gift to your grandchildren, like a hug that never lets go.
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Retirement Planning podcast Retirement Planning
Your 50s are an important time for retirement planning. Join us for a discussion about two important areas focus for 50 somethings when planning for retirement.
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Life Insurance 101 podcast Life Insurance 101
We are required to insure our cars and our homes, but not something much more valuable and precious: our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Life insurance is a simple idea, which can sometimes be confusing, and let’s face it; it’s a topic we often avoid because it involves our death. To shed a little light on the subject, and to make life insurance a little more palatable, please join us for an interview with Jim Pearson, Director of Field Education at WoodmenLife.
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Credit Card Act & Improving Credit podcast Credit Card Act & Improving Credit
Join us for a conversation with Donald Leu, Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Nebraska concerning the major provisions of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, how the Act affects you, and helpful tips for improving your credit score.
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Kids and Money podcast Kids and Money
Interview with Neale Godfrey, founder of the Children’s Financial Network. Discussion on the importance of teaching children about financial responsibility and security.
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Be Your Own Boss podcast Be Your Own Boss
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sell life insurance protection, help families with financial security and work with WoodmenLife? We talk with a very successful WoodmenLife Recruiting Sales Manager Lisa Grant from Louisiana, about just that!
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Kids & Volunteering podcast Kids & Volunteering
Interview with Laura Lockwood, Founder / Director of ManaTEEN Club. Young people who volunteer bring a fresh new perspective to the future of our communities. Volunteering offers a new outlet to make new friends, gain marketable skills and experience, gratification of helping others, promotes staying active and fights boredom.
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Basics of IRAs podcast Basics of IRAs
Learn the basics of IRAs. WoodmenLife Regional Director Jeff Bridges talks about the types of IRAs available and the differences between traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs.
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Hosting the Traveling Flag podcast Hosting the Traveling Flag
Interview with Joe Walters, WoodmenLife Regional Director, North Carolina East. Walters discusses how teenagers, veterans, police and firefighters became involved in displaying WoodmenLife's massive Traveling Flag in several North Carolina communities.
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Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief podcast Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief
Interview with Barry Naquin, WoodmenLife Regional Director, Texas Southeast. Naquin tells how fraternalists arrived from throughout the Southeast, to assist in providing disaster relief following devastating fall hurricanes. Naquin also discusses WoodmenLife’s Disaster Relief Benefit.
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Latest Video Podcasts:

What is a Fraternal Benefit Society?

As a fraternal benefit society, WoodmenLife gives back to our member-customers and the communities we live in. Watch this short video to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Conservation & Peregrine Falcons in Nebraska

Want to learn more about the importance of wildlife conservation, particularly concerning falcons in Nebraska? Join Denise Lewis, Outreach Coordinator at Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery, her educational falcon Aero, and Joel Jorgensen, Nongame Bird Program Manager at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, as they share their expertise on peregrine falcons. LL

WiFi Hotspot 101

Want internet connectivity wherever you go? The secret to finding it might be hidden inside your smartphone. Join us for this quick overview on how to connect to the internet even when you;re far from home.

Pinterest: What's the Interest?

How many times have you wished you had a way to easily save and organize the things you discover online. Something better than a bookmark pull down or internet favorites list. Pinterest could be the solution. Check out our video podcast on the ins and outs of Pinterest.

Geocaching - An Activity for Everyone

Join us for an inside look at this 21st century treasure hunt called geocaching. Geocaching is a great way to engage the entire family and explore the great outdoors.

So What Is a QR Code and What's In It For Me?

So what are those little squares you’ve started to see more and more over the last few years - they look like some type of inkblot test? They show up everywhere, from magazine ads to billboards, from product boxes to business cards. This video podcast will explain what are QR codes. (Windows Media Video)