Annual Reports contain a lot of statistics about financial strength, but we believe fraternal strength is just as important. We know the dollars represented in these pages are really yours. Having assets only means something if we're willing to help our members who need it. Fraternal activities and events are how we demonstrate our commitment to our members on a community level. Fraternal benefits are how we show we care on a personal level.

Community Service

Make A Difference Day
255 participating lodges

Flags Across America
381 participating lodges

351 participating lodges

In Honor and Remembrance
475 ceremonies conducted

Matching-Funds Program
2,426 projects in support of individuals, families and communities

American History Trophies and Plaques
3,385 presented to students or placed in schools

American Patriot's Handbooks
40,098 presented to schools, libraries and newly naturalized citizens

United States Flags
145,658 flags presented to non-profit groups, schools and communities


Member Benefits

Youth/Senior Camp
More than 6,600 attendees

Natural Disaster Benefit
$117,026 in benefit payments

Orphan's Care Benefit
$32,375 in benefit payments

Newborn Benefit
$10,000 in benefit payments

Prescription Drug Discount
$330,375 saved by members

Catastrophic Illness Benefit
$946,000 in benefit payments

First Responders Benefit
$25,000 in benefit payments