Danny Cummins

Patriotism is important to Woodmen of the World. But patriotism isn’t just about the flag; it’s about being a good neighbor and an engaged citizen. I believe the most patriotic thing we can do is to help each other take care of ourselves and our families.

Consider this story told by our founder, Joseph Cullen Root:

“I often met a gentleman from Omaha on the street car on our way to or from work. After a little while I missed him and asked a mutual acquaintance, ‘What has become of John Williams?’ He replied, ‘He is dead. Didn’t you know?’ I felt condemned, for the deceased was far from being rich and had left a family not well provided for. I had not asked him to join our Order.

“Let this be a lesson to you, as it was to me...You see we must not only live for ourselves, but for other folks. Invite men to join and you will have some part in blessing their loved ones when they pass away from them.”

We can each take pride in the blessings our organization gives to one another, much like we take pride in our country. That's what the numbers below truly represent.

$9.34 billion in assets – This is a record amount, and is the foundation of our financial strength. It means that Woodmen of the World will be there when long-term promises come due. This strong position also allows us to support the hundreds of community service projects that our members and their lodges organize, whether that’s raising money to help a family pay medical bills or building a wheelchair ramp for someone’s home.

$35.8 billion of life insurance in force – This $35.8 billion is also a record for us. It represents men and women making provisions for their families now and years into the future.

$498 million in benefit payments to members – Every benefit payment has its own story – a grieving spouse who was able to keep the family home, a child who went on to college, a couple who retired with financial security. Every story is different, yet they all end the same: Woodmen of the World making a difference by keeping a promise.

We are blessed to live in the United States, which was founded on the principles of freedom and self-sufficiency. It is our patriotic duty as neighbors and citizens to ask our family, friends, colleagues, and associates if they have made provisions for their families.

There is strength in our numbers. This is the story of our strength.