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Three Eggs!!

A check of the falcon nest this morning showed three eggs. Peregrine falcons lay a clutch of 3-5 egg…


We Have an Egg

FalconWatch 2015 began this morning with the laying of the first falcon egg of the season. Over the …


A Busy Spring, But No Eggs Yet

It has been an exciting spring for the Woodmen Tower Falcons and there hasn't even been a egg laid y…


New Male Falcon at Woodmen Tower Nest

It’s a new falcon breeding season and with that a new male has shown up at the Woodmen Tower nest. T…


We Have Names - Anna, Elsa, Hans and Olaf would be proud!

Woodmen of the World is proud to announce the names of the newest batch of Woodmen Tower falcon chic…


Vote For Your Favorite!

Thanks to everyone who entered the "Name the Falcons" Contest! We had a total of 75 entries! The top…


What a difference a week makes!

It was one week ago yesterday that the falcon chicks were banded and their sexes were determined (tw…


Name the Falcon Contest Ends TOMORROW!

Mintaka and Hera need your help finding four perfect names for their new bundles of joy! The winner …



After the Woodmen Tower falcons were banded and blood-tested this morning it was determined that the…


Nebraska Game & Parks Commission to Band Woodmen Tower Falcons May 22

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society announced that the banding of its four newest Tower-top …



Woodmen Tower Falcons Education Materials

Woodmen of the World has teamed up with Fontenelle Forest to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation, particularly peregrine falcons, in Nebraska.


LIVE FalconCam

Woodmen of the World FalconCam 1, East Nest.

See our LIVE camera view on our FalconCam page!

Experience the Woodmen Tower peregrine falcons at FalconWatch. Watch these once-endangered, beautiful birds of prey interact, incubate and hatch their young on our five falcon cams.

Discover how peregrine falcons have called the Woodmen Tower in Downtown Omaha, NE, home since 1988 and how, in that time, more than 50 falcon chicks have hatched here.

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