Universal Life Insurance Offers Personalized Protection

Universal Life insurance provides permanent coverage that adjusts to meet your individual needs and goals. This lifetime protection can help you face the future with confidence.

WoodmenLife offers two types of Universal Life:

1. Forms ICC10 8205 3-10; 8205 3-10 (XX); O-8205 3-10 (XX); ICC11 8307 5-11; 8307 5-11 (XX); O-8307 5-11 (XX); Not all products are available in all states.
2. Any of the following actions could impact the length of time the certificate is in force: changes made to the amount, frequency or timing of premium payment; changes made to the face amount or rating class; loans or partial surrenders are taken; the cost of insurance or certificate charges increase; the interest rate decreases; reinstatement of the certificate; or addition or modification of any rider.


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