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Family Celebrates Half Century with WoodmenLife

When Mabel McGee sees a need in her community of Ecru, MS, she does something about it. She began volunteering at the Pontotoc County Food Pantry every week with a fellow Chapter 423 member, and now she’s spread that passion.

“Mabel’s a fraternalist at her heart, and this is something she did on her own and shared with us,” said Area Manager Brad Ligon. Chapter members and local Representatives are working to remodel and fill the pantry, whose shelves are quickly deteriorating.

“They have no support, except from volunteer organizations like ours. It’s really been humbling,” Ligon said. “In addition to this great experience, our work at the food pantry has also brought new members into the chapter.”

The fraternalism Mabel demonstrates runs in the McGee family. Five generations, to be exact.

Five Generations of Fraternalism

Mabel McGeeMabel and her son, Danny, have both recently received their 50-year WoodmenLife membership pins, while her granddaughter, Ashley, received her 25-year pin.

“We’ve always been fond of WoodmenLife,” she said. “I love how the company makes family, community and even love of country its focus.”

The McGee family has passed down WoodmenLife membership through five generations. Mabel’s father, MT Mounce, introduced the family to WoodmenLife when he became a part-time Representative in the 1950s. In 1963, he sold James Mounce, WoodmenLife president from 2000-2008, his first certificate.

Following MT’s death, Mabel’s mother, Louise, became a member and still attends chapter events today at 101 years old. Mabel and her husband, George L., purchased life insurance certificates for their two children, four grandchildren and three of their four great-grandchildren. (The fourth great-grandchild’s parents also purchased a certificate.) George became a Representative himself, and retired after 25 years of service in 1993. “We’re all members,” she said. “I believe in WoodmenLife. It’s a great organization.”

Both Mabel and George remain extremely active in their local chapter.  Mabel has served as secretary of Chapter 423 since 1990 and George currently serves as the chapter’s vice president. “I like the fraternal part of being a member,” she said.

Mabel enjoys participating events such as flag presentations at local schools and Relay for Life with her chapter. “We also do an In Honor and Remembrance Ceremony every year. That is very meaningful to me.”

All five generations get involved in chapter activities. Mabel’s son, Danny, has held every office in the chapter and now his daughter, Ashley, serves as the chapter’s youth leader, and brings her baby to meetings.

Providing Financial Security

Mabel McGee FamilyMabel and George also had a son, Mike, who passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack in 2001 at the age of 43. The funds from his WoodmenLife insurance helped pay for final expenses and outstanding debts. “Having those benefits in place was very helpful at that time,” Mabel said. Mike was a farmer, and having that financial security in place provided some comfort for his wife and children at a difficult time.

“Similar to Mabel’s family, my grandfather purchased a certificate in the 1960s, and we’ve carried the tradition on down to my children. The decision he made still provides financial security for us today,” Ligon said. “We teach our kids so many things, and financial security needs to be one of them. We chose WoodmenLife because they’ve always been there for us, and we have a personal connection with the organization that has taken such good care of those who came before us.”

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Expect the Unexpected

Regardless of the turns life takes, you can be prepared. Including Whole Life insurance in your long-term financial plan can be a dependable way to protect your family's lifestyle, and can be a great example for future generations. The death benefit offers security by providing money to help pay for funeral costs and take care of debts. This permanent insurance also builds cash value on a tax-deferred basis.

Whole Life Advantages

There are several reasons why Whole Life insurance1 might be the right solution for you:

  • The confidence of permanent life insurance protection.
  • Premiums that never increase, regardless of age or health.
  • Certificate cash values grow tax-deferred until received.
  • A death benefit paid to beneficiaries income tax-free.
    • Proceeds can help with final expenses, unsettled debts, bills, the mortgage, charitable donations, or even future goals like education
  • Certificates may be eligible for refunds2 â€“ similar to dividends – each year.

WoodmenLife offers several types of Whole Life insurance to fit a variety of needs. Choose from:

  • Whole Life Paid-up at 100 generally offers lower premiums than other Whole Life plans, although they are paid until age 100.
  • Whole Life Paid-up at 65 builds cash value fast with premiums paid until age 65. This is perfect if you want to quit paying premiums when you retire.
  • 20 Pay Whole Life features premiums paid for 20 years and quickly builds cash value; ideal for insuring children and individuals wanting to make a limited number of premium payments.
  • Single Premium Whole Life offers a single premium payment option with fast cash value accumulation.
1. Forms 01-XX-0409; 09-XX-0409; 03-XX-0409; 04-XX-0409; 250-XX-0409; 252-XX-0409; 251-XX-0409; 253-XX-0409; 254-XX-0409. These certificates have exceptions, limitations and restrictions. For costs and complete details in coverage, contact your WoodmenLife Representative.
2. Refunds are declared annually by the organization. The payment of refunds is not guaranteed because they depend on the organization’s investment, expense and mortality experience.