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A Mission to Honor His Parents

Annuity Helps Member Help Animals

When John Kruckeberg’s mother passed away last year, he wanted to honor his parents by using the money she left him to fund his mission trips with Christian Veterinary Mission. Not being exactly sure how to do that, he turned to his Woodmen of the World Representative, Neal Pulley, for a little help.

“John was looking for income to fund his mission trips, and Woodmen of the World’s Immediate Annuity seemed to fit him like a hand in glove,” Pulley said. “With its guaranteed interest and income, we set it up to give him a check four times a year for each of his trips. It may not be the normal way to use this product, but it’s a good fit for him.”

Making a Difference

John Kruckeberg A semi-retired veterinarian, Kruckeberg has been involved with Christian Veterinary Mission for 24 years. “Our mission is to care for people, their animals and to share Christ’s message,” he said. “There’s a connection between the health of one’s animals and the health of the family. We try to teach people to care for their animals like God asked us to, and they, in turn, will help take care of you.”

Since his first trip to Nepal in 1991, Kruckeberg has traveled around the world and around the U.S. with the ministry. “I used to go overseas every year, but now I stay closer to home,” he said.

Staying closer to home involves four main trips each year: Appalachia Kentucky in March, the eastern band of the Cherokee nation in North Carolina in May, the Navajo nation in Arizona in July, and the Lakota Sioux nation in South Dakota in September.

“When we go to these areas, which are some of the poorest in the country, we try to help people help themselves and each other. Our goal is to try to make them self-sufficient,” Kruckeberg said. “We try to provide development, not relief, so we can make the situation better for everyone.”

But there are numerous costs involved with these mission trips, and that’s where the Immediate Annuity is able to help Kruckeberg. “From medicine, gas, travel expenses, and scholarships for students to go with us – there are a lot of costs with these trips,” he said. “The Immediate Annuity has been a great instrument to help me continue to do this and honor my parents at the same time.”

Sharing the Mission

John KruckebergKruckeberg isn’t the only member of his family who participates in these mission trips. At some point, every member of his family has gone with him, and he also takes veterinary students on most trips to show them there’s a bigger world out there. In early 2014, he even convinced Pulley to travel with him on one of his trips.

“I’ve known Neal a long time, and we have other Woodmen of the World products with him. He has a heart to help people,” Kruckeberg said. “So he went with us to the Cherokee nation last year and that was special.”

For his part, Pulley was honored to be part of the trip. “I didn’t know what to expect, but John and the other veterinarians and vet techs went in and treated these individuals’ animals and shared the ministry with them,” he said. “I just helped where they needed help, and I’m planning to go again in 2016.”

With the income from his Immediate Annuity helping him out, Kruckeberg knows the mission trips will continue in the future. “God put us on this earth to make a difference, and I love helping people and I love helping animals,” he said. “We set the annuity up for 10 years, and I’m certain we’ll use it up with our trips by the end of that time.”

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